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You get better quality materials at reduced cost. All with the major efficiency ofdealing with a single supplier.
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What the Aquaculture Industry Needs for Greater Success

GBS Group uses exacting processes and years of experience to source best quality products at reduced prices. Our goal is to significantly reduce your procurement costs while providing higher quality chemicals and raw materials you need for operation. We work with clients all the world including the intense seafood operations in Latin America. Our specialties are Aquaculture, Processing, and Packaging. You get the essential materials you need with less work and in less time.

Saving You Time and Costs of Procurement

Dealing with a wide range of suppliers can be a difficult task. It is time consuming keeping up with needs, ordering from different providers, tracking where the order is, and sometimes working with suppliers who aren’t as reliable. Let GBS Group take care of all your procurement, supplies, and materials. It is far easier and a major time saver to have only one supplier. We have years of experience in the seafood industry with excellent sources for all the chemicals and materials you need. When you let GBS do the work of procurement, you have more time to run your business.

The Ways You Save Money

One of our central goals is to reduce the costs you pay for procurement. You immediately minimize handling costs by working with one supplier.

We work directly with suppliers imposing exacting standards for the products they create. We use recognized labs to test products for excellence and safety. This eliminates any possibility of having lesser products that have downsides. Your business has the big advantage of finest quality supplies and materials.

This puts you well ahead of competitors while helping you to please customers with a better product. Our team maintains a presence in your territory while constantly staying in touch with suppliers in your area. This is procurement you can rely on for precision and excellence month after month and year after year.

Our Most Popular Products

  • Organic Pesticides and Oxidizers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Tea Saponin Powder (60%, 70%)
  • For Seafood Processing – Additives and Preservatives
  • Sodium Metabisulfite (Na2S2O5 ,“SMBS”)
  • Food Processing Accessories – Nitrile Gloves and Aprons
  • For Seafood Packaging and Transportation
  • Customized Corrugated Polypropylene (PP) boxes
  • Thermoplastic Containers for secured Transportation
  • For Canneries and Seafood Packaging Factories
  • Tin cans and Tin Coils (Customized)

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We look forward to speaking with you about your needs. We are always happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits we can provide your company. This is the major time, effort, and cost saving solution for your company. The experienced professional staff at GBS Group is ready to become a valued resource leading to your enhanced success.

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